About Us

Jesus is our North Star

Compass Christian Church is a new church in Louisville, Kentucky.


Our vision is that we will be a community of faithful disciples that demonstrates self-sacrificial love and serves the city, welcomes questions and searches the Scriptures, and encourages obedience to Jesus' teachings; all to the glory of God's kingdom.


We exist to provide an environment that calls people to Christ, magnifies the transformative power of Christ and his love in their lives, and gives opportunities for people to serve their local community in love.


Our motto is Following Jesus Together. To us, “Following” means action, and “together” is about being in community. Jesus is our Lord, King, and Messiah, the one who leads the way to the Father. Jesus is our North Star.

Meet our team

Husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, engineers, a nurse, soccer coaches, writers, programmers, Bible nerds and more. All God-lovers and Jesus followers.

Our Story

Compass Christian Church came about through a series of God-orchestrated meetings and conversations. What started as a network of new and old friends around the country that connected virtually through online Bible studies, quickly grew into an undeniable call to pursue in-person community and greater service to God.

Pastor Will's mentor then lit the match with one question: “How about you start a church?” After a few more conversations and lots of prayer, planning for Compass Christian Church began.

Why another church?

We believe that God made every person to be unique and to have a valuable purpose. This means that our faith community fits into, befriends, and loves an important part of Louisville no matter how many other churches there are.

Our distinct combination of talents, interests, personalities, and life experiences have a place here, and we can't wait to encourage passion for Jesus in the hearts of our community. Unchurched people are looking for a home, and we are offering our own.


Following Jesus together is the priority; to do it we need God's truth

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the Scriptures are our authoritative text.

The Bible is a group of books written to people living in ancient cultures, not twenty-first century Americans. Like any statement of faith, ours attempts to draw modern beliefs and practices from an ancient document.

We don't require people in our congregation to sign a statement of faith or to agree to all of our beliefs. In fact, we value questions and seek openness. If you have questions or wish to challenge our beliefs on the grounds of Scripture, we invite you to contact us.

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